Who We Are


Medicines try and help us in our healthy and happy living and it is a must that we follow our medications properly for immediate and better reactions fighting against diseases and health problems.


In this mission of delivery of medicines, we play an important and a crucial role by supplying all the necessities through our online services. Yes, we are dealers in medicines online, and come under the online pharmacy group.


In this busy, technological world, we have understood how important and essential it is for a person to be very careful with his various different types of treatments and the appropriate medicines for it.


And the ratio of people suffering from one or the other problem is 8:10. So we have taken up this specialized system of serving the customers in need with the required medicines.


Generally, all the special medicines for any particular problem in a person is served only when there is a prescription from a registered doctor or if a person is under treatment for a long time, we request the customer to show the details of the previous bill just to verify the details.


In case of general and common problems like fever, headache, common cold etc we agree to serve the customers with medicines over the counter. So we deal with all types of medicine and hence there is no specific requirement for a person to become our member.


You can be assured of the quality of the product as well as our service because we believe that customers are our kings and it is them who are giving an opportunity to us by letting us serve them. Without them, it becomes difficult for us to survive in this new line of business. But so far it has been so good with ample support and back -up from our customers and we expect the same in the years to come too.